11 November 2007

couldn't stay away

i had planned on taking a little blog holiday until i could get elvie to upload pictures to share. so i did. for all of yesterday. as you get to know me, you'll realize how impressive that is. i have the will power of a toddler.

the pile o' bags is getting tall. i found this eve that i was a bit crabby getting handles sewn, so i think it's time for a change of focus. the next few days i am going to make little pretties. holiday ornaments or door thingies or something.

speaking of making... i made my first pincushion! it's a tad wonky, but i adore it. i used this tutorial, then tweaked things. firstly i made mine huge. it's about 4 inches across. it stands less chance of getting knocked over or misplaced this way. i also am using mine upside down. i didn't like the circle of felt as i thought i would. i used a button on the bottom-now-top to anchor the floss. it looks like a funky, taupe, fabric pumpkin with pins sticking out of it. not what i'd intended, but i like it. it's me.

an update on the countdown box hunt: pom took me to acorn in santa monica yestereve. ooooh! it's like all my favorite kiddie catalogs exploded in one place. i can't wait to take thehobbit there. anyway... i got a silver acorn, a glass crescent moon, & a wooden mouse - all so teeny tiny. i wish i'd had more money to spend. probably for the best that i hadn't.

time for my weekly romantic dinner with manlyman, so i'm off.

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