01 November 2007

a kingdom of thanks & treats!

the last few days have been a blur, peppered with moments of sparkling clarity! after technology & i had our falling out, i managed to relax, enjoy the time with thehobbit, & even got all my hallowe'en needs taken care of in time for my tuesday mama's night out! yay!

soap & i were the only ones who could get out, so we opted for a late supper, and window shopping. i saw many things at both cost plus & a book store that i so wanted to take home with me. i behaved, & only took home an imported dark chocolate. by "home" i mean that i ate it straight away. i do so love dark chocolate.

yesterday was fantastic! friends of soap generously signed my family into the magic kingdom for the day! thank you boneshaker & uncle r!! i'm not sure who was more excited - thehobbit or i?! i have loved disneyland since i can remember. we haven't been since thehobbit was 3 because it costs a zillion dollars per person now! again, thank you amazing friends of soap for our free entry!!!

manlyman said his favorite part of the day was being with his family (i love him more than dark chocolate!) thehobbit loved autopia & peter pan the best, and i? for a family ride i choose the haunted mansion, & for hobbit-less enjoyment i pick peter pan. thehobbit, minisoap, & minipaper got to ride in their own ship... sans parents! such fun for them! that left manlyman & i to snuggle over london in our very own ship. mmmmmm lovely.

the day ended much too quickly. before we knew it we had to leave the kingdom to get into our costumes. the trick or treating at california disney was fun, but suffered greatly in comparison. had i to do again, i think my family would stay behind at disney proper, and meet everyone later for the last hour of treating. happily they had fresh and dried apples, & natural fruit leather at the treating stations! we did get a little bit of nasty candy for the switch witch though. she took it all during the night, and left thehobbit a sweet little, lime green enamel canister. he's already inserted a label, on which he wrote "potions." of course.

i'd planned to spend the day playing sewing catch-up, but i'm so tired, even my fingers are sleepy. maybe later in the day. i think i need more time playing sitting still catch-up.

~peace, & belated hallowe'en blessings!

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