15 November 2007

fish are friends...

just moments ago we watched mortimer create his bubble nest! he's built a few nests in the month he's lived with us, but this was the first time we were there to see the process. it's pretty cool.

yesterday was a sewing marathon. i don't think i'll do that again anytime soon. it took the joy out of the process. i shall save marathons for when they're needed, not just because i have a day free of places to be. i did get the ribbon lining into the tops of all the drink slings, & i was right to do so... they look much nicer this way.

before i got down to biz, i made myself a cover for my receipt book (yes i forgot to take pics of it.) it's made from a bit of old, taupe damask, with a buttery yellow print on the interior. the cover holds the receipt book, a pen, & has a pocket for bizzie cards. it's pretty, & will make using the receipt book less of a boring, grownie-up thing. i think it needs an applique on the front though.

i used more of the pink plaid. i have to say i'll be happy when that's all gone. i liked it when first i found it, but as time goes it seems less mid century fun and more i'm late to the pta meeting. here are two drink slings - 1 short, 1 long:

& the first of the dinky market bags! great fun to make. i tossed in a ruler so you could see just how dinky it is:

i also got started on xmas ornaments, but got bored after sewing 8. not a good sign, so i set those aside for another time. i think yesterday i just wanted to be doing something else. speaking of something else... i decided to bleach the roll of mind-numbingly fuschia grosgrain that soap lovingly donated to my cause. here is the before shot (hey! get me actually thinking about things in advance!)

yes it is a huge roll! that's why i was anxious to get it to a more 'me' shade. a bit of bright ribbon would be easy to find a use for. but that much? not even i... the creative genius that i am... could figure out what to do with a bazillion yards. so i took the rest of the bleach we used for mortimer's detox, & got to work. here is what it looked like drying on the line:

yes it is the same color in both photos. how nice of you to notice. & so you do not think i didn't use enough bleach, i shall tell you my sweet, lone reader.... that i took the ribbon out after a half an hour, & tossed in two huge lengths of heavy fabric. those did get much lighter, so we now know two things. a) i know how to use bleach, & 2) soap is league with voldemort & got the grosgrain from knockturn alley.

one more thing before i sign off: thehobbit recently discovered the andy griffith show, & is now obsessed. each night at 5pm he can be heard whistling the theme, right along with the television (then again at 530.) the last two days he's dressed up like a sheriff, & told me he asked santa for a hat like barney wears. at first i thought "barney? why on earth would he want a hat like barney, & do i need to remind him that the purple dino is forbidden in our home?" then as i was listening to him talk about it, i realized "ohhhhhh! duh. barney fife, not evil barney." holy maude this is too funny... just this very moment he rolled by on his car, & told me he was on his way to gomer's to get his brakes fixed. heeheehee! what cute kid.

happy thursday :-)


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auntie soap said...

Me, caught dead in Knockturn alley! WHy I never!!!!!!!!!!!

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