09 November 2007

inferno - the lost circle

i have discovered a previously unknown circle of hell. of course dante may have known about it, but being born hundreds of years ago, just not understood what it was. who can say? i give to you; my lone reader; the tenth circle of hell....

"having had opportunities to share pictures with the world, yet being too lazy to upload to either blog or emails to family: those guilty shall have new pictures they long to share day after day, & suffer a slower-than-dirt-computer that thinks it is funny to refuse to upload."

i was sure i'd get snagged on one of the previous nine circles, but apparently ten is my unlucky number. & what pics i have to share! i have been quite the busy bee.

yesterday i was able to get four market bags completed. two have bodies of black hemp - i love the rustic feel & look of hemp fabric. i've held on to this left-over fabric for eons not knowing what i wanted to make. it was hard to let it go, but it did make lovely bags. two others are of soft corduroy - a yummy taupe color. these bring the total to seven market bags. the day before i finished my sixth patchwork tote. it's such fun, & i'm happy to say my seams are nearing straight!

did i tell you about the fun little miniatures? soap & i found these adorable faery bags ; which the kids must have for xmas. you know we immediately thought we could do better, & pay less. well we did! she found sweet metal trinkets at a craft supply site, i'm going to get some gems & acorn caps, & who doesn't already have loads of organza bags laying about? i'm so happy that thehobbit loves faeries & magic. i don't know what i would have done with a sporto kid. i digress. so we also found absolutely adorable, dinky tea sets! made of metal! i believe they are for a dollhouse, but will work fine for faeries or borrowers. i can't decide if i want to put them into the bag, or break the set up, & put them into the drawers of his countdown box. (his box counts to the solstice instead of xmas.) the funniest thing is that i had already hidden two sets in my basket, when both kids ran up to show me the same tea sets! ha!

speaking of shopping... old navy is having an outerwear sale, & i want to get thehobbit this. combined with my card discount, it will be half price! not even manlyman can get crabby at that price.

yesterday thehobbit spent most of the day playing make-believe with his pirate ship. i tried to lure him with games, projects, books...nope. he just wanted to be alone with his pirates, some knights, and a pile of dinosaurs. peter pan meets a knight's tale meets dinotopia? whatever it was, it was cute.

time for me to get off my arse. i have the roots & shoots meeting here today, & there is a certain kitchen that should be cleaned before it's condemned.

have a glorious day!

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