02 November 2007

of repurposing & cauldrons...

my plan was to get to bed early last night, to try to get past my disneyland hangover. happily, a guy at the club loaned manlyman dreamgirls, so my plan got chucked with the dishwater. minus the dishwater 'cuz i chucked doing the dishes too! (unhappily we forgot about the kitchen all together, so my super delish pot of vegan, cream o' broccoli soup got left out all night long, all night...)

today i have to plan my personal banner & the dragonfly artisan banner, & sort through my stack of stuff to decide what i'll be sewing tonight. i've got remnants from a linen skirt i chopped to bits, & a few pair of men's pants. all of that can be used for drink slings, as well as for random handles for totes. i suppose i should sort through a bin or two of fabric to see what could go with said random handles. i'm sure sewing from new fabric would be easier, but repurposing clothing and left-over fabric is vastly more fun & rewarding.

here's my new t-shirt shopping bag ala martha

& my new camera bag made from two (back-to-back) cargo pockets! (it still needs padding & lining)

& this has nothing to do with sewing, but is just too cool! thehobbit & the 2 minis made quicksand; which we called cauldron goo; instead of using martha's piddly amount, each kid got an entire 16oz box of cornstarch, yeah baby! it made for the coolest, messiest fun!

i've got to get lunch made. today thehobbit & i are having an indoor picnic. it's gorgeous outside, but we're on day two of make-believe snow day! brrrrr.

~peace, kat

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