27 November 2007

i feel fantastic!

not really. our pestilence seems on the wane, but my back is still out. i did however wake in a fantastic mood, so i'm focusing on that. besides... more local people lost homes in the fires over the weekend, so i am very aware of how lucky i am to have a comfy couch to lay in agony upon.

elvie is behaving today which means it's picture time! here are the first of the needle books:

2 dark grey, two patterned. all with black pages & ribbon ties. i am going to cut more covers & pages today, as that's easily done from the couch.

the latest from the farm? some creature is still digging holes in the beds, but seems to be sticking with empty areas. i find it quite annoying, but at least it's no longer digging plants out. a great thing about farming in southern california:

i'm thrilled to still be getting cherry tomatoes off my last plant! it's getting scrawny & lanky, but who cares when it keeps producing blossoms? yay & yum!

i've saved the best photo for last!

my stamp! isn't it the most beautiful thing you've ever seen? no picture for my logo yet. i have it in my head, but manlyman hasn't had the time to get it onto paper for me. i do love the simplicity of just the words, so am sure i'll keep using this long after i've gotten the official 'with picture' stamp.

a question dear reader: is there a television show that you just love, but know you shouldn't? do you tell your friends about it, & they look at you as if you'd gone mad? (a bit like my love of lynn kurland romance novels.) well there is such a show in my life. i am obsessed with how i met your mother. i know. i know! but it cracks me up. & now you know my shame.

i've babbled long enough. have a wonderous day... watch a show that you know you should not love!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ok - i'll admit to the show that i watch that recieves the ODDEST looks (on the rare occassion I am willing to admit to it)

Kimora's: Life in the Fab Lane.

I admire her business skills, crack up at her kids and think she is just the funniest Amazon I've ever watched.

but - SHHHH! you didn't hear it from me...

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