17 November 2007

fancy dress adventures

manlyman arrived home from work, & announced he'd had a crummy day (so sweet of him to have a crummy day along with me) & was taking us out to dinner to celebrate. don't worry, that made no sense to me either. but yay dinner!

thehobbit, hearing the word celebrate, ran to dress for the occasion. i think i have the most interesting 9yo in the history of the world. he wore: black dress slacks, gray dress shirt, metal sherrif badge, silk-covered top hat, & his black wool london fog coat. when i say fancy dress i do not exaggerate. btw...later he asked why all the grownieups were smiling at him. umm duh?
we went to my fave diner in santa monica, & sat at the counter. thehobbit thought the counter was the coolest of cool. i had a blt with vegetarian b, manlyman had a vegan wrap, & thehobbit had a small greek salad with a side of black beans & salsa (i'm tellin' ya, he's interesting.) the only downer was a mama i know (that annoys the bleep out of me) in a corner booth. happily, she never saw us. whew.

today is hogwarts. we're making slytherin slime & i thought you'd like the recipe, errrr i mean the potion.

slytherin slime

-2 tsp slytherin bone dust (original metamucil, coarse milled)

-1c gillywater (water)

1) combine the ingredients in a jar, & shake for 1 minute

2) pour mixture into a saucepan, bring to a boil over medium, & cook, stirring constantly, for 3 minutes.

3) transfer to a bowl & stir occasionally as it cools.

muggle explanation: metamucil is made from psyllium husks, which, when immersed in liquid, are capable of absorbing more than 10 times their volume. what you end up with is a mucialginous gel.

i shall end with bragging of one of my bestest pals. check out paper's new blog, & see the journal she made for minisoap's birthday! that's one talented mama. but why isn't it my birthday?

okey doke my one & only reader... i'm off my rocker & on my way (it is only 8am & thehobbit is playing an elvis cd. i so don't want an elvis morning...sigh.)


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