26 November 2007

you have got to be joking

what is more fun than a house full of pestilence on daddy-o's one day off? why mama with her back out of course! it began late yesterday; i honestly thought it was just twinges. by nightfall i was in agony. today is no better. it's all sneezes & spasms here at dandelion cottage. do not envy me my glamour life.

there isn't much i can do in this condition, but i managed the handwork on the first batch of needle books, & stamped (heeheehee) the tags that will tie on each bag. the rest of my day has been one of blissful leisure. minus tea & faery cakes. add to that our pestilence. & my back pain. ok minus the bliss as well. now that i think on it, manlyman did go out for treats, so perhaps a bit of bliss here & there was to be had.

look what oddsocks sent me today...

the flyer for winter faire - my first show!!! & our first show as well. this will be the maiden voyage of dragonfly artisans, the all-mama co-op soap, paper, & i created. ooh! i just realized i shall need a new outfit to mark the occasion. people don't wear their everyday clothes for grand openings, & ocean liner launches. that would be unheard of. once my back is well enough, i will head over to the thrift stores, & vintage clothing shops. something cute & funky that says 'me!'

time to say goodnight my lone reader. i cannot stay in one position too long, so it's back to my book... have you read julia butterfly hill's legacy of luna? so far it's very good. we heard her speak last year, & just fell in love. especially thehobbit... she spoke directly to his little spirit it seemed. it was that talk that made thehobbit decide he wanted to be an environmentalist (in addition to rockstar & chef.) soap was the only one of us who found the courage to go talk with her. & she didn't even faint! ;-)

sweet dreams!

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