22 November 2007

sneaking a little 'me' time

i hadn't thought i'd have time for relaxing, let alone poking around online. unfortunately manlyman is sick today, so we're unable to have dinner at pom's. thehobbit & i will still go for a short visit before dinner. there is an upside: eating at home means i have less food to cook. hence... a bit of relax-time just for me.

we're vegetarian, so no turkey. we do have loads of amazing food each year, & i thought i'd share a recipe with you today. (we had it a someone's home a few years back. i've altered it a bit, so i feel safe pretending it's my recipe.) enjoy!

*thanksgiving brussels sprouts*
4c (2lb) brussels sprouts
2tbs trader joe's orange muscat champagne vinegar
2tbs balsamic vinegar
2tbs dijon mustard
1tbs coarse-grain cranberry mustard
1/2tsp salt
1/3tsp pepper
1/2c olive oil

1) cut the bottoms off the sprouts & remove icky leaves
2) drop the sprouts into a pot of boiling water & bring back to a boil. reduce the heat & simmer for 5 minutes. drain & let stand a few minutes more.
3) while the sprouts cook, mix all but the olive oil. slowly whisk in the oil, in a steady stream. the sauce will get thick.
4) toss the sprouts in the sauce, & chill in the fridge. they recommend eating it at room temp, but my fam prefers it cold. ( it's even better the next day! )

sigh... 'me' time has come to an end. time for thehobbit & me to get clean & into our fancies! btw... in his list of reasons he's thankful, thehobbit said he was thankful not to be a turkey today. well said my little one, well said.


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