12 November 2007

i couldn't sleep & need a nap

good morning my lone reader. i woke too early & with a headache - or as thehobbit still calls it a headieache. i did try to go back to sleep, but it just wasn't happening, so i finally gave up. the upside to that is that i have been poking about the internet in the dark, with the house nice and quiet. just me & my coffee, whilst menfolk sleep. so lovely. the downside is that my headache is being replaced with getting really sleepy. c'mon coffee... do that voodoo that you do!

today's the day that elvie & i have it out. even if i didn't have loads of pics for you, there are far-away family members getting ready to storm the castle. it's been over a week of no pics of thehobbit, & that just won't do. manlyman thinks it may have something to do with there being a few thousand photos stored on it. it did once run much more quickly than now, so that's worth looking into. i shall get cds today & figure out how to transfer the pics to them.

before i forget: yesterday pom & minipom1&2 came over, & brought the most fun clay i have ever seen. it looked & felt like a giant glob of marshmallow. she sweetly left a small glob for us to play with, but we want more. more! she's like a clay pusher... the first bit is free.

so i hear that thehobbit has been poking about the house. this is the first year he's done that. when i was little, my brother & i tore the house apart looking for hidden prezzies long before we were nine. ah well, he's never been what one would call street smart - he's pretty. as i was saying, he's been poking about. manlyman told me last night of an interesting conversation they had, with the hobbit saying things like "i'm suspicious this time of year," & "what's in that starbucks bag way up there?" (it wasn't coffee as his daddyo told him, nor a prezzie... it's where we hid the hallowe'en candy he gave the switch witch ha!) manlyman played it cool as best he could, but he wasn't buying any of it. i suppose i need a better hiding place than in a bag atop the dresser? i knew the day would come.

why am i babbling about prezzies? because that's what coffe & i have been doing this morning; window shopping! santa baby, here are some things i came across:
sweeping set, sewing box, pruner #1, pruner #2, shears (cannot choose which,) & stool (to replace nasty plastic one in bathroom - you know the one.) ok those all belong to the i want this & actually need it category. so santa, should you get really wicked holiday tips at the club, i would like to find this under the tree (want & kinda need category.) & santa baby? should you win the lottery, i am certain this would fit in my stocking ( want & need if i get that time machine built category.)

i'm off to sew a larger stocking. the menfolk are up, oatmeal (blech) has been put in front of me, & i feel a snuggle coming on. besides... i just noticed i've been online for over two hours already. how did that happen? have a glorious day oh reader of mine!

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