06 November 2007

broken promises...

...hopefully soothed by pics today! i'm sorry sweet reader. i did mean to get to my blog yesterday to post some photos as promised. instead i spent the day shopping with my wee boy, & the lovely papers (auntie & mini.)

before i start babbling, here is the trio of market bags. i don't know the decade of the fabric, but i can tell you for certain that the handles came from skirts & pants circa 1990s. i have just enough of the main fabric left for random handles to be used another time.

now down to babbling. we hadn't much time to spend thrifting, but i did find some treasures. here are some sturdy fabrics, two fancy shams just aching to be repurposed, & a swanky frame to house my sign at the winter faire.

i did try to behave whilst shopping, oh reader of mine. i swear it. most of what i bought was needed: a sweet cloche-shaped winter beanie, a black belt to keep me from stealing manlyman's, a delicious brassiere, & a pair of shoes for thehobbit. what i didn't need was lunch out, and these!....
shoes! how i love shoes! and seriously reader, aren't these too cute to pass up? classic with a funky twist. i love the detail, and that heel is my favorite kind. the bows are fun. if i ever tire of them i can easily replace them with invisible black elastic, or a button. i couldn't resist modeling them with my stripey stockings... then couldn't resist the wicked witch under dorothy's house pose. i am wearing the heels now. with jams and a robe. it's a look.

speaking of shoes. i want these desperately. they have the heel i love, they are black, they are mary janes, they are perfect! the lower heel means i can wear them more often than my pretty new ones. those will have to be for holidays, houses falling upon me, and other non-walking occasions.

time for me to run. i hope your day is lovely - celebrate the day by wearing shoes you love.


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