18 November 2007

"the rule is...

... jam tomorrow & jam yesterday, but never jam today." at least that's what the white queen says. at the beginning of the week thehobbit wanted strawberry jam on his sammich, so i opened a spankin' new jar. now he is 9, & quite able to make his own sammiches, so i left him to it. i think there have been 2, perhaps 3 jam sessions (i crack me up) since. why am i babbling on about jam? well reader it's like this; i was craving toast with sweet, strawberry jam last night. when i opened the jar this is what i saw

no, your eyes do not deceive you - half the jam is missing from the spankin' new jar. neither manlyman nor i have had any. my guess is that thehobbit had been eating spoonfuls as he made his sammiches. that is not good! the worst part is that i cannot bust him for it, because everytime i so much as think about the half-empty, spankin' new jar, i laugh hysterically! manlyman too. we are terrible parents! we find this hysterical. sigh.

here is the drink sling i made for minisoap's birthday:

thehobbit chose the fabrics. i think he did a great job.

we had a short day at hogwarts, so soap could get ready for today's birthday party. update: slytherin slime was a huge success! easy to do, & worked for all three kids. you really should give it a go (even if you don't have any shorties of your own.)

that's the new hogwarts vest. i bought a black sweater vest at a thrift shop, & painted the stripes with fabric paint. the old one was so small it was above his bellybutton! he hates parting with beloved clothing, so getting him to try the new one was difficult. he does look adorable in it.

since we had extra time after hogwarts yesterday, paper & i took the kids to jo-ann (huge sale!) i bought the stuff to make my own labels, thanks for the tutorial isew! of course i bought more than label-making stuff, but it was all on sale :-)

have a great sunday! we shall be at a harry potter birthday party, eating faery cakes, & playing gnome toss.



iSew said...

When do we get to see your labels? Did I miss that post?

kat said...

aaah madame isew in the flesh - so to speak! nope, you've missed nothing. elvie (slower than dirt computer) has a printer that is currently driving me to drink. when i get it sorted out, i'll be sure to show off my labels. thanks for the tutorial :-)

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