07 November 2007

woe is me

she's gone! manlyman took my beloved delilah back to work today. no pretty little laptop to say good morning to, no snuggling together in the warmth of the bigroom - just a cold, empty spot where once she lay. i shall drape that room in black until she's returned.

in honor of the sadness i feel, elvie (she who runs slow as dirt) has decided to upload no pictures this morning, no matter how many times i try. no threats will sway her from her decision.

on to happier things... mamas' night out last night! we went to my favorite coffee house to unwind, & discuss what we'll need for our booth at winter faire. so much work to do, & only a few weeks left in which to do it all. yikes!

just a short post today sweet reader. i've got three patchwork totes ready for sewing, & have promised thehobbit we'd do a craft project. the gloomy day outside, is perfect for indoor adventures! oooh & i just got a craving for yeasty rolls mmmmmm.

*yeasty rolls*
flour (or spelt) tortillas
butter (or olive oil)
garlic salt
1) place tortillas on an open flame set as low as you can get it.
2) put a small pat of butter on each tortilla or brush with olive oil.
3) rotate the tortillas to lightly cook & melt the butter - watch for burning!
4) sprinkle each with garlic salt & cover with a layer of yeast.
5) roll the tortillas tightly & enjoy!
6) make some for me please.

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