01 March 2008

into the shorty realm

i love how shorties see things. lately thehobbit has been obsessed with spaceships, & droids; drawing them, buidling them, & so on. this morning he said, "i'll see you later mama. i have to fly to planet faeryopolis, to take my droid to visit some faery friends."

my mind doesn't work like that... worlds don't mix. i would play faeries, or i would play spaceship. it would not occur to me to combine the realms. how restrictive the adult mind is.

i feel like monica on friends: the episode where she shows off her perfectly victorian dollhouse, & phoebe builds her own, adding a dinosaur, bubbles, & so on. adult minds are monicas, & shorty minds are phoebes. can one be a monica & a phoebe? if so, i should like to try.

speaking of the world of shorties... some have asked for the latest news regarding the too-small shirt. thehobbit has not worn it in the past week. we don't know if it's because he can no longer squeeze into it, or if he's simply moved on. manlyman & i do not want to ask, for fear he'll take to wearing it again. lately the outfit has been black slacks, long sleeved tshirt, short sleeved dress shirt, bright red crocs. there has been a myriad of accessories: hp glasses, neckties, cloak, sword, dagger, hats (including a bowl, & a box,) badge, adventure belt... you get the picture.

what fun to be a child.

now on to something fabulous..... pictures! not! from! clipart!!!

this bucket was a prezzie my darling paper made just for me!

isn't she talented?! it's thick, & sturdy, & i love it so! manlyman keeps suggesting we fill it with water "just to see if it's water-tight." ah... no.

& what is this? well my one & only reader... this is the scarf i am currently knitting!

i wish the photo could show you how lush the yarn is. i cannot wait to wrap this around my neck, & snuggle my face down into it! i did a few k-rows at the start, then alternated k-row, p-row. i'm sure that is not the official ways to describe what i did, but if you knit you know what i mean. if you don't, then the official explanation would make no sense either.

now i'm off. it's time for lunch, & thehobbit is sure he's on the very brink of starvation. have a glorious day!

*check out paper's new blog, & what sweet oddsox posted for my birthday!*

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