29 March 2008

photos, but no photos

i took photos for you, but elvie's wifi isn't connecting. i don't know if the problem is within her, is the wifi itself, or if the planets are not lined properly. whatever the reason... this is to be a dreary, photoless post.

at friday's r&s meeting we discussed organic vegetable gardening, made pots of recycled items, then planted seeds. we also took a photo for jane goodall's birthday (3 april.) the group stood around a "happy birthday" sign, & everyone did pant hoot in honor of dr. jane.

we were supposed to have a reporter attend our meeting; to watch homeschoolers in the wild in action; but she decided to follow teens instead. i was so relieved! i get nervous speaking in front of others as it is. having a reporter in attendance would have made me queasy.

thehobbit is really enjoying r&s these days. he's less often acting all "yeah i'm so cool. i'm just sitting here pretending like i'm all whatever, when inside i'm giggling like a loon." i don't know why he does that. i mean i know why; to protect himself; i just don't know why he bothers. his group of buddies are all as goofy as he is. as is he? anyway...

there's not much more to tell: i'm superfreakybusy, & so very much behind in everything. i did learn something today worth sharing!!! there was even a photo! today paper taught soap & me how to crochet! i made a funky bracelet, that i absolutely adore! i definitely prefer knitting, but i have learned that there are things that are better done in crochet.

that's it for today's babble. i hope you're having a lovely weekend!

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