17 March 2008

blah. blah i say.

i woke today; 3:30am to be exact; with a nasty migrane. i fell back asleep a few times, but it never lasted long. finally thehobbit decided we must be up, & about, so i whimpered & crawled from bed. happily it was manlyman's day off, so i only crawled as far as the couch to await my whimpered-for coffee.

the migrane lasted until midday, when it was replaced by mind-numbing cramps: of the female variety, first-day strength. by then we were across town at thehobbit's doc. the sample he gave at last week's well child exam hadn't been enough; i am going to spare you the drama of that day; which meant we had to take him in for a quick peeps.

i began feeling better by the time we arrived home, so thehobbit & i planted the new blueberry bush, & 2 rows of lettuce. after we'd watered them, we sat on the rocking bench to watch manlyman mowing around the raised beds. then my cramps became so strong that they made my lower back burn. i've been on the couch; with a heated rice pack; ever since.

no sewing done, no writing, no work, no knitting, no holiday crafting, no playing, nothing but sitting here, being miserable. & that is why i say blah.


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