26 March 2008

dragonfly happenings

i forgot to order decaf last night (weekly mama crafting,) so didn't get to bed until quite late. thehobbit celebrated that as only a small child can - by getting up with the dawn. he then declared he was starved unto the very brink of death, & said something about it being ok if i stayed in bed, because he could cook some eggs by himself. um no. oh solo reader of mine... i am a tad tired. & by tad i mean help.

i've a few things to share with you today!

* dragonfly artisans now has a home. it is not to be a chatty home, just one for announcements, shop updates, etc. there you'll find the links to the artisans' blogs, & their shops (when they all get off their arses, & get their shops filled.)

* oddsox has joined dragonfly artisans!

* the talented women of dragonfly artisans shall have a booth at a local spring fair on the 31st of may. more information on that soon. start saving your pennies!

* there was something else, but it has fallen out of my head.

today is to be thehobbit's first time with friends since the pestilence hit. he's still not fully himself, but i believe it's just in the lingering stage now. i hope anyway. he needs to see his bestest buddies... he's so lonely for them. apparently we parent-types; as silly as we are; are no substitute for the 3 goofkateers.

have a lovely day!

oh! i remembered the something else! due to only recently getting off dial-up, manlyman & i are new to the joys of youtube. we... ok i... am a showtune fiend. it occurred to me the other night, that i could watch some of my faves on youtube. i had no idea what i would find!!! everything! everyone! there are so many videos i want to show you, but i decided to narrow it down to one (you're welcome.) watch this.

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