16 March 2008

colllld aaaas iiiiiice...

(song now stuck in your head too? you're welcome.) i had to go outside to save potted plants from the high winds, & discovered we'd been blown to alaska whilst we slept! i've been back indoors for over an hour now, & am still not warm. i may never be warm again!!!!

things have been very busy around the belfry: r&s meeting, hogwarts, homeschooling, & trying to get caught up. i've not gotten caught up, but neither have i fallen farther behind. ok i have fallen farther behind, but not dreafully so. ok i have fallen dreadfully farther behind, but there is booze.

here is pom's scarf. the ridges aren't as noticeable when it's on. the lacey effect of the loopy yarn combined with the big needles is lovely. i couldn't photograph it that way because i couldn't get an angle with enough light to see it, nor without so much light to see it. does that make sense?

here is an art case i sewed for a neice. i suppose i should have ironed it before i took these photos.

i included a small pad of drawing paper, & colored pencils from the japanese store. just any auntie could send paper & pencils from china america, but this auntie sends the fun stuff.

the lone pencil was to show how the slots work. those newly 6 prefer to put in their own pencils, so the worldly 10yo hobbit tells me.

kats in the belfry is up & running again. i received an email order for a kiddie market tote, & friday sold 3 drink slings! yay me!

i wasn't sure i was ready to get back into the bizzie swing of things, but i feel pretty good about it now that the decision's been made. since our recent escape from the dark ages - aka no more dialup - i can fill my etsy shop with goodies for sale! which brings me to...... drumroll please..... sweet oddsox has sold her first item on etsy!!!!!!!!!! congrats my friend, and a huge woohoo to youhoo!

i'm off to brave the wilds of alaska.


Bumpkin Bears said...

hi there, I just found your blog - now I have indeed got that song on my brain for the rest of day probably ;) Love that art case, what a great gift :) Catherine x

kat said...

welcome catherine!
i love making the art cases, so am delighted you like them.
visit again soon, i'm sure i'll have another song stuck in my head, & ready to share ;-)

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