28 February 2008

my feet fell off.

firstly: thank you for the birthday wishes, & the de-lurking! it was lovely! as to those who stayed hidden & quiet? we are not amused.

why am i footless you ask? yesterday we went to san diego, & walked, walked, walked, walked. ate a little greek food, walked, walked walked. sat for a bit in the gaslight district, then walked, walked, & ended the day walking a bit more. i do think that we could have walked from los angeles, to san diego... & still not walked as much as we did in those 5 hours.
& so my feet fell off in the night. i shall miss shoes.

the train ride was all that we hoped it would be! the kids had run of an entire car, & made every inch of it count. thehobbit & minipaper carved a little bit of the car for themselves, turning their seats into a hidden fort. it was very sweet, & one day i hope to stop imagining the zillions of feet germs they were soaking up down there. ew.

the day was beautiful! sunny, & warm, nice ocean breeze... mmmm. as much as i stopped enjoying the walking a few hours in; i loved seeing the buildings - late 1800s through the 1920s. i joked that i took more photos of the architectural details than of my family. it turns out that i did just that! sorry loved ones.

that's all for today. i'm utterly exhausted. thank you to all who made yesterday such a wonderful birthday! especially you... my manlyman... how i do love you so.

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