26 March 2008

the best ever!

this has to be the all time best ever stall at bedtime. this beats the time thehobbit called us in to tell us it was dark. this is so much better than the time thehobbit had to, just had to let us know he was not going to get out of bed for anything. it's even better than the zillion & one times he's yelled to let us know he's not yet falling asleep! combined!

are you ready for it? are you sitting down? swallow your drink first please. tonight. just now. two minutes after being tucked in & kissed goodnight. thehobbit called manlyman in to ask...

th "what are these balls beneath my penis?"

mm "those are your testicles."

th "what are they for?"

mm "we can talk about it tomorrow. when it's not bedtime."

th "are they ok?"

mm "they're fine. leave them alone, & go to sleep."

th "but.."

mm "we'll talk tomorrow. don't touch them, er leave them alone, it's time to sleep."

th "ok daddy. goodnight."

mm "goodnight."

th "goodnight mama!"

k "goodnight!"



Allison Fouse said...

Yes, I would have to say that is the best EVER! I'm typing, and still snickering. hehe

kat said...

isn't it though!?!?!?!
thanks for visiting my belfry :-)
(just peeked over at your blog, & enjoyed the peek.)

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