11 March 2008

contrary to popular belief...

i am not a bag lady. to prove that point i have designed a... well... a bag actually. i suppose that proves no such thing then. but! i am not a bag lady! i just like bags, & wish to share my bag joy with others. i am not a bag lady.

my darling soap gave me bamboo knitting needles for my birthday, & the 19s are long! i had to take thehobbit to the doc yesterday for his well-child, so wanted to take my current wip with me. none of my many totes worked well, so having time to spare (hahaha) i set about sewing one!

i used scraps from other projects, & love the result! i shall have to make more to sell.

i hadn't time to line it, but wish that i had. the fabric is stiff, but i think a liner would give it just that bit of extra stiffness it needs.

this fabric was purposely wrinkled... please no comments that my dislike of manlyman's iron has gone too far.

an inside view; complete with new 19s, & the yarn for pom's scarf!

in addition to lining the knitting bags, i shall make them 2 inches wider. my bag worked wonderfully, but it needs to be wider to allow for lining, & if someone is working on something larger than a scarf. perhaps there should be two sizes? hmmm...

that's all today! we are going to the nursery with our book-craft friends... plants for the secret garden. & blueberries for mine? maybe?


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