21 March 2008

fare-thee-well hedwig

hedwig had to be set free. his battery was nearly dead, & the choice was either buy a new battery, or renew our phone contract to receive a free phone. environmentally not the best choice, but money isn't falling off the trees around the belfry these days. ah would that it were.

it's not hedwig i'm mourning, it's the loss of my beloved ringtone! it was the only thing that made me happy about the whole cell phone in my world thing. my cell company still offers the ring, just not for my new phone. what frustrates me most is that i chose this phone because it took the same type of tones. rats & fleas!!!!

here is the new, yet unnamed phone:

as a phone it's vastly better than hedwig. it's larger, & i can actually hear people talking to me. oh... i did buy "it" a ringtone! each time someone rings i hear pirates singing yo ho yo ho a pirates life for me. not nearly as beloved as the harry potter bells, but fun, & we are a piratey family after all. it's tempting to name the phone captain jack, or will turner, but a certain manlyman is not amused by my lust fondness for the actors who portrayed them... especially the latter as manlyman looks very much like him.
in addition to naming the wretched, beloved-ringtone-less thing, i need to sew it a case. it won't fit in the two i made for hedwig. i'll need one for chucking it into my bag, & one so i can wear it on a belt. hedwig's were made of my favorite damasks... i'll have to sort through the bins to see if i've enough left. sigh. see what serious dramas are playing out in my life?!
to those who've asked: thehobbit is still pestilencificated. he says his throat is no longer sore, & he has actual energy today. yesterday's lack had worried me. hopefully this means he's on the mend.
& that brings us to the end of today's babble. i hope all are enjoying this holiday season: purim, spring, easter, etc(?)!!


~Phaedra~ said...

Yay for you selling stuff too, thanks for the shout out! I'm so sorry you are sick again .. please be well. Good Yomtov for Purim, Happy Spring.

kat said...

thank you for the love & well wishes :-)
when your bizzie makes you a bazillionaire, i should very much like a pony. please.

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