25 March 2008

a heart full of love...

... a heart full of you! (les miz stuck in my head)
do you ever look at your child, & find you cannot breathe? that time has somehow slowed, your breath is caught in your throat, & you can hear only your heart slamming in your chest? that is what happened to me a little while ago. thehobbit walked through the room, i saw him, & i felt... i just felt. so. much. sigh.

& now the moment is gone. gone because thehobbit just asked "bmabma?" yes he still has the pestilence! "bmabma? what do you think owl poop looks like?" he then left the room singing a little ditty he apparently just composed, "snotty tissues, snotty tissues, snotty snotty snot sno-oooooot."

dining room wall :: crooked picture (real clock)
i made the first of the cell phone cases. this one is for chucking into my bag, & is made with two layers of wool felt, & closes with a snap. the felt was a prezzie - thank you soap!

doubling the felt gives it more protection from bouncing about in my bag all day. the felt also cleans the screen each time i take the phone from its case.

thehobbit noticed my reflection at the base of the screen. if you have long known that the one thing that would make your life worth living is the sight of my fingers - here is your chance.

that's all for today. we have cancelled another outing, & are going to spend the day climbing the walls quietly awaiting the departure of this bleeping pestilence.


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