06 March 2008


nay! my sadness is such that i know not how to give it voice.
oh my dearest & only reader, i did wake with but one purpose today... to fill your heart with joy!

even before i broke my fast, (but not before thehobbit did as such, for he is yet small, & is wont to starve unto death,) did i run about the demense, capturing images for your pleasure! how this did please me!

my gladness soon withered as i found blogger loath to support my task. time & again i beseeched him, but it came to naught. the wretched beast! vile! vile blogger!

'tis with an enfeebled heart that i write this; knowing how you long for images. images not from clipart. i fear you shall spend the remainder of your day awash in melancholy for the lack. please, please sink not into despair!

i shall endeavor another day. all shall be as it should. until the morrow....


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