05 March 2008


my mind is racing with to-dos, ideas, articles, homeschooling, projects, etc - leaving me unable to write a proper post. instead i give to you... a pile of unrelated things that fell out of my head!

*my sweet oddsox has opened her etsy site! please take a gander at her stunning creations. feel free to buy me something ;-)

*a few people have asked about my hair; what product i use, & how it works on such dark hair. this is the brand:

i make a horizontal part (from ear to ear,) putting the top half up into a bun. ignoring the mascara-brush applicator, i use my gloved-hands to generously apply the dye to the unbound hair. the more dye, the more vivid the results. let it sit for half an hour, then wash it from my hair. this brand bleaches the dark hair, & dyes it in one step. easy peasy!

* i finished my celebration scarf! there's no time for taking photos today, so imagine it longer, & off the needles. just in time for warm weather! yay?

* paper, soap & i shall be hosting a lecture at this year's homeschool expo! so many people have asked about our hogwarts classes that we thought a how-to course was in order. we've already begun work on it, including a blog dedicated to all things hogwartsy (real word.) more on that later.

* my lovely paper has begun a second blog! please pop over, & say hello.

* i have added new blogs, & websites to the lists on your left. i hope you enjoy them as i do!

& that ends today's miscellanea. there is more, (isn't there always?) but i have a small hobbit hopping about me, anxious to get outside & work on the farm.


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