23 March 2008

messing about

if you see odd things happening at the belfry don't panic! it's merely un-techie me attempting to hang a pretty picture.
i'd like to do so without having to hack - creating three columns was followed by booze & napping -which means things may be changing quite frequently, & you may hear a great deal of cussing.
let me know what you think as things change please. when i have it looking just as i imagine, we'll celebrate with a drawing for... well for something.


~Phaedra~ said...

nice Banner! Happy Day to you.

kat said...

thanks :-)
happy day to you as well!!!!

EnchantedMusing said...

ah, yes - the banner looks good! glad you ofund something you like and that works well.

kat said...

thanks :-)
i'm still not content, but i'm getting closer.

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