13 March 2008


today thehobbit & i saw alvin ailey american dance theater!! all my life i've wanted to see them live, & it was everything i hoped it would be. absolutely stunning to behold!

photo property of alvin ailey

before i was crowned mama, i was a dancer. during the performance today, such intense feelings washed over me. some of it was due to the brilliance on the stage, some to my own memories. the rest of my day i have felt elated, sad, peaceful, edgy, up, down, up, down. it's amazing how something can make one feel such opposing emotions back, & forth, & all at once.

as i write this, i am at ease - acutely aware of the joy my chosen path has brought me. later tonight i shall kiss my sleeping child, snuggle within the embrace of my beautiful husband, fall asleep... & dream of the path i did not choose.


*edited to add: wade in the water, sinner man, & been 'buked.

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