07 March 2008

drinks for everyone!

not only was i able to upload photos for you, i was able to do so at the speed of light!!!!!
how is that possible? is elvie (pc) not slower than dirt? well yes. & no. poor elvie had been blamed time & again for being the cause of slower than dirtness (real word,) when it was the dial-up all the while. i'm not sure who was the wretch that blamed my sweet elvie... moving on.
here is where i explain & praise the generosity of friends...
my friend rubelin lives next door, & has wireless. she is letting me use it practically for free! she insisted on free, but i felt i couldn't call her at 2am to complain if i weren't paying her something.
enter my other friend fryingpanman; he had a wireless box he wasn't using, so gave to me!
what generous friends! welcome to the 21st century to me :-)

show & tell time.

these are the scarves! the taupe is with a chunky wool/acrylic blend, using size 15. the green is a wavy acrylic, using size 19. *pom, i'll have your scarf soon.*

another prezzie from my paper! she made a joke about me needing more fiber in my diet. hahaha. except thehobbit was listening, & 10yos are not known for their gift of knowing when something is no longer funny.

brussels sprouts! my first attempt at growing them. already we can see little bumps where the sprouts will be. yum.
sugar snap peas! these are my favorite to grow, because they are so beautiful. the plants are over 6ft tall.
fennel bulbs to the rear, with rainbow chard in front. barely in the shot is a row of turnips. by row i mean 4 plants. i don't know why the others never popped up.

your turn! what are you making, & what is growing in your garden???


1 comment:

EnchantedMusing said...

Yay!! Brussel sprouts! looking forward to eating as many of them as you need for me to.

cause- i'm a giver...

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