19 March 2008

poached eggs are good for what ails you

my one & only reader... are you sitting down? please sit, because what i have to say is sure to make you faint. **the pestilence has returned.** i know! do you see now why i needed you seated?! so far it's just thehobbit, & myself, as manlyman is still faking that he's well.

this is not the week to do the pestilence tango! we have history club, a park thing, easter egg hunt, hogwarts, & our spring/easter celebration. not to mention; though it seems i am; the kitchen cupboards are bare, i've holiday shopping still to do, errands & chores are stacking up... & on, & on! no! time! for! pestilence! get thee gone sickies. now. i mean it! (ok, everytime i say 'i mean it!' i think 'anybody want a peanut?')

my mom used to make poached eggs for me when i was sick. to this day i still crave them when the pestilence hits. i made these eggs last night:

yummmmm. two poached eggs that slide easily from their shells. these will go in thehobbit's easter basket, along with a teeny bunny & some treats. what are you putting into wee baskets this year? put a link to your photos in the comments section, so i can see!

we are staying home today, in hopes that thehobbit will be well for all the festivities. this morning was nice - we played a fun game here, then printed what we did to make a book. i think it's meant for younger kids, but we found it entertaining, & learned quite a bit from the teacher pages.
now it's past noon & i am in need of a restorative nap. thehobbit however, feels he needs to show me how much energy a sick 10yo has, whilst humming 'oh when the saints' over & over. these two things don't go well together.
lunch! how could i have forgotten that? i should go make it before i hear how i'm starving him unto the brink of death. i would love for a greek salad to magically appear in the kitchen. wish me luck on that one!


asti said...

It just goes on and on doesn't it...? Maddie's just been struck with a particularly virulent ( read projectile) tummy bug...just as we are about to get away for the weekend AAARRGGHH!
Agree on the poached eggs being a cure all, we love 'em . Such cute ones you made too.
Hope you all feel better soon :)

kat said...

rats & fleas! get well soon to maddie!! i am serious - the year of the pestilence :-(
thanks for the egg-love.

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