23 March 2008

here comes peter cottontail..

hopping down the belfry-trail!

i was torn this morn: do i share with you yesterday's drama of the water heater breaking then replaced with one that was too big, the landlord having a diabetes event in my laundryroom, the whatchamacallit that turns the water on to the entire house breaking, & their plumber away until monday, thus leaving us hooked to rubelin's water via a very long hose?
or do i share the easter fun, & leave you in blissfull ignorance of the rest? i decided to share easter fun!! (see how i shared both, making it seem that i only meant to share one all the while?)

i meant to take a photo of the table set to surprise thehobbit, but um i sort of forgot today was easter until i heard him squealing with delight in the other room. i also meant to take a photo of my very first knitted bunny!!!! except he turned out looking like he'd survived being stepped upon by a giant, & never did heal properly. in true hobbity fashion, he was proclaimed the most perfect bunny in all bunnydom. i do love that sweet boy of mine.

this is thehobbit wearing the ties from the easter bunny, & showing one of the teeeeeny wooden animals that led the way to the baskets. they are the sweetest little toys, & the wheels do work! bunny, alligator, pig, & elephant - an odd menagerie. (the felt eggs were a huge hit!)

um he just drove into the room wearing: black slacks, dark green dress shirt, white tie, black wool overcoat (it's already warm enough for shorts,) & a black derby... wanting to know when i was going to get dressed. ha! as we're going nowhere, & none are coming to visit, i have no desire to get into my fancies. you & i both know that i shall - those huge brown eyes, with those freakylong black lashes - pleading with me... sigh.

i'm off to get dressed in my easter best. i wonder if i can get away with putting a fancy skirt on over my jams...


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