08 March 2008

in which i am an idiot

the night before last thehobbit slept poorly. he woke yesterday miserable, & with dark circles beneath his beautiful eyes. at that moment i knew i should cancel all plans, stay home, & let my sweet boy rest. did i? well... not exactly.

instead, we ran a few errands, came home for lunch, then got ready. as soon as manlyman arrived home from work, we headed to disneyland to meet thepapers! slightly not relaxing.

this trip was for one reason only; to see fantasmic!. since our passes are the least expensive, they are the most restrictive: no weekends, mostly no summer, & soon no fridays until august. fantasmic! only runs fridays & weekends.... so you see?

did you know that people start setting up blankets 2 hours before the show?!?! luckily paper knew this, so we came prepared: blankets, knitting, card games, & a picnic dinner. my sweet manlyman took the kids on a few rides nearby, then played cards with them until the show began. we mamas were able to just sit, chat, & knit. knitting at disneyland! ha!

the show was amazing! beautiful, dramatic, & utterly magical. it also began at 9pm, with fireworks after. we didn't get home until 11pm! that would be 4 hours past his bedtime!

something i should mention; no matter what time he falls asleep, he wakes at 7, (sometimes earlier.) this meant that he woke today at 7am!!!! i tried to help him get back to sleep, but he never managed it. poor sleepy little thing.

so today we cancelled hogwarts, & stayed home to rest. well... that is only partially true... the part about none of it. hogwarts went on as usual. i just never learn, do i? he handled the exhaustion fairly well, no wretched behavior, no melting, & he fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow tonight.

the thing is sweet reader... i. am. tired. whimper. newborn in the house kind of tired. so you see, i am an idiot. i push, & push, & push until either thehobbit is not fun to be around, or i am a puddle of babbling goo in the corner.

tomorrow is another day. let's hope i wake much too tired to continue being such an idiot.


belleandboo said...

I just had my morning coffee watching the you tube link you listed of 'fantasmi' what a magical way to start the day. You sound like an amazing mum
Mandy :)

kat said...

i'm glad you enjoyed it mandy! & thank you for the kind words. i didn't feel like an amazing mama when i wrote the post, so your words were just the thing i needed.
~peace :-)

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