26 January 2008

sewing 101

i will embarrass myself by admitting i never properly learned to sew. the worst part is that i come from a family of excellent sewers, (as in those who sew, not the plumbing) & am the daughter of a freaky-brilliant seamstress. when i was growing up, people paid her to make their daughters' formal dresses, & even a few wedding gowns! she also costumed the majority of shows i was in.

you know what that means right? i ignored all her attempts at teaching me to sew. this was my mom, & i was a snot. how could i stoop so low... me, an actress, an intellectual, an artiste?? boring, beneath me, blah, blah, blah. yeah that came back around, & bit me in the arse!!! oh how it bit me!

my parents moved to oregon long before i 'discovered' sewing, so i've pretty much figured things out on my own. i knew how to use a machine; having played with my mother's enough times to send them all to the shop to be fixed. beyond that though, it's been a learn-as-i-go adventure. i should say that a few years ago, my mom; & this cracks me up; sent me a book she thought would help. yes, it did help... stop laughing.

so there are a few things i still don't know. well of course there are loads of things, but i mean basic things that i should have learned first. one thing i detest is knotting thread. i have long assumed that there was a proper way to do it, one that would make it easy as could be. last night i found the most amazing tutorial at heather bailey's blog! it's brilliant! i quickly went off to practice, & now cannot wait to get some handwork done. it works for all threads by the way.

i also found an embroidery tutorial, (sorry i lost the link, but will post when i find it) so now plan on ripping out the edging from the remaining needlebooks, & making them perfect.

sorry, have to rush. we're taking the shorties to a miniature exhibit today! i'm not sure who is more excited; the kids or the mamas! yeah probaby the mamas. check out heather's faboo tutorial, & please post any sewing tutorials you adore. i'm off to figure out the perfect outfit for viewing teeny things.
**edited to add... i found the blog with the great tutorials!! only go if you are willing to become instantly addicted. her blog rocks!**

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