03 January 2008


i woke today thinking of the long list of things that needs fixing: loose toilet base, cracked floorboard, wonky thermostat, etc. just when i was about to sink into the gloom, i heard a soft sigh. turning over i saw a sleeping hobbit, & all the gloom melted away. those thick, black lashes against that soft, pale skin gets me every time.

watching him sleep for a bit helped me de-gloom, & i've been in a happy, peaceful mood since. i thought i'd spread a little of my joy...

a friend shared her copy of a wonderful new magazine at last month's knitting circle. it is fantastic! the mag has been getting passed about, & just yesterday came to me! woohoo! i cannot wait to start crafting. soap subscribed, & we were discussing going halfsies. the last thing i need is more mags, so i shall just scan the pages i really want, & let her keep the actual issues. if you enjoy crafting/creating with natural materials, you must get this mag.

i made these tiffin buckets the other night. the idea had been in my head for weeks, but i just hadn't the time to have at them. they are lined with wool from sweaters i shrunk. the buckets are to protect the tiffins from dents & scratches, as well as to insulate them. the handles aren't meant to carry them about all day, so i was able to use fun, lightweight fabric for the exterior. these buckets were prezzies; hence the neon wrapping tissue. they turned out just as i'd hoped, so i shall have to make one for my own tiffin next! i may even offer them for sale... who knows?

time to get on with my day! the farm needs watering, & i promised thehobbit i'd take him to exchange the clay he got for christmas.
have a happy, peaceful day!

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