28 January 2008

yeah, yeah, oh yeah!

oh solo reader... what a day this has been!

this morning i bought my first pretty yarns! i had been practicing with yarn my mom sent years ago, during the great learning to crochet debacle. i'm sure you've heard of it; it was in all the papers. anyway, this was inexpensive yarn she found at a thrift shop. it's wonderful for making a tree garland, & for owl blankets, but not for all the amazing things i long to create. the ones i chose are soft, & oh so beautiful. i got an odd green (a scarf for moi,) a brown, & a mottled oatmeal (both for chickens - more on that later.)

back at home, manlyman & thehobbit played outside; allowing me a bit of peace in which to poke through tutorials. i found this amazing one, watched it over & over, & now can cast off! i believe this - combined with being able to make a square & a rectangle using a garter stitch; qualifies me as an actual knitter. officially one able to knit. a person not just capable of bitching, but of stitching whilst doing so. anything square or rectangular that is.

just as i completed knitting genius, paper called to tell me that her home away from home was selling their chairs for $5 each! the sad part of this deal is that the shop is actually closing. my poor friend!! oh but the chairs... i did behave, & bought just 4. they're sturdy, really cute, & solid wood! they even go well with my 'rustic country, married shabby chic in a thrift shop' decor. lovely.

thehobbit & i rushed over to purchase my new pretties, & stayed for a bit so he could play with minipaper. when we returned home, i found an email that about blew my mind! i dare not give the details yet; i don't want to jinx anything. i will say that this april my sweet little r&s group may have a booth at two huge earthday events! for the price of one! oh think good thoughts for us please. this would be so wonderful for our kids. also think good money thoughts, as we still need to come up with the cost of the one booth.

that's it for now. i'm off to sit on my new chairs, & fondle yarn. pics soon. i promise. no really i do.

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