08 January 2008

manlyman took us on a spur-of-the-moment adventure sunday night! in the pouring rain, we drove out to hollywood for dinner! thehobbit requested that daddyo dress fancy with him, & my sweet manlyman obliged. he is such an amazing father. happily i wasn't asked. i love dressing fancy, but it was pouring, & i was cold. i would have, had he asked, but whew.

we finally found ties for kids! let me be more specific; ties that are affordable for kids. a local shop had silk ones on sale, so we were able to get thehobbit 2! he chose a black regular tie, & a striped clip-on. sadly, no gryffindor-looking ones, nor bowties were to be had.

this morning he woke (before the dawn,) & got dressed. i have to say that he looks utterly adorable in a tie. now if he'd only wear the 'new' dress shirts that fit him, instead of the old one. i know he loves it so, but it's two sizes too small! i imagine eventually it will split, or turn to dust, then he'll have to wear another. now all that's left are vests, & sweater vests... thrift shopping!

today is tuesday, you know what that means... book-craft day with his best minis, & mama-only night with a few of mine! this tuesday is ultra special, for it's bookclub night! it began years ago, as a large group of homeschooling mamas who met monthly to discuss classic books. over the years it's gotten smaller, but it's still going strong. tonight we're choosing the books for the year ahead. it's exciting... creating the list, looking forward to what we shall be reading. yes i know - i am a bookdork.

one part of the bookclub i like is that we all have a say in what gets chosen. there have been books i didn't want to read, & disliked every moment as i read them. however, there have been ones i was loathe to read, & found that i enjoyed them very much: this, this, & this! ok that last one i destested, but it was amazing, & worth reading. i usually go for shakespeare, austen, & the other usual suspects, so to have to go out of my tastes, & into another's has been a wonderful experience (usually) for me. thus far i've been unable to get them to agree to the faery queene, and the canterbury tales. i just may have to tackle those on my own.

well i see i've babbled on for ages. the roots growing from my arse to the stool are telling me it's time to get on with my day. plus, we need to read a chapter before we head out. one of the things that's wonderful about his book-craft is that i get to read to him. he's long been able to read on his own, so having an official 'together' book keeps that alive. i still enjoy being read to, so perhaps it's not something he'll outgrow. we shall see.

have a glorious day! make sure you craft something, or meet with a friend. better yet... do both!

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