06 January 2008

mama babble

how i wish you could see what i see! thehobbit is on the floor, with his arms folded beneath his head, his legs crossed, & up against the tv cabinet. he's watching this, & wearing quite the morning ensemble: multi-colored, striped knee-socks, white jam bottoms with black, vintage televisions all over them (jam legs tucked into socks,) a green m*a*s*h tshirt, hogwarts robe, daddyo's slippers, & glittered, 2008 sunglasses.
(update: done with tv, he has added the leopard-print cowboy hat.)

i meant to tell you of this the other day. moon sand is thehobbit's latest obsession. he learned of it through his love of infomercials, & has longed for it ever since. i try to keep his toys, & craft supplies all-natural, but this time i could not turn him down. i had finally agreed to the coveted, not natural model magic, told a relative he wanted it... but he received regular clay instead. fine by me, but he wanted a clay that was already soft, & squishy when he took it out (& he liked how clean it was.) when we tried to exchange it, that store no longer carried tubs of model magic. wee, hobbity sadness shone from his eyes... then he saw the above, & squealed! how could i say no?

i have to admit it's brilliant! it feels like damp sand, with the strength of clay. he can mold, & remold it, & it never dries. it isn't actually wet, if you were wondering. it scores a 10 with thehobbit, & a 6 with me; i don't like that it's not natural.

one last hobbit-related thing today... i'm desperate for a vegetarian marshmallow recipe. i've found many, but thehobbit can eat neither soy, nor corn products. if you come across one, please let me know. i don't know how many more campouts he can handle, sans roasted marshmallows.

i'm off to rest my weary head; i slept poorly, & woke with a wretched migrane. i'd love to hear about toys/products that your shorties adore.



asti said...

God - moon sand sounds great! I too err towards the the 'natural' type of toy BUT it sounds so wierd it's gotta be tried. Mind you dont know if we have it here, must look. Love your green man by the way (Jan 1st post).

kat said...

let me know if you give it a try!
thanks for visiting, & for the green man love.

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