24 January 2008

rain, tea, & babble

i took a photo of manlyman on his way to the office this morning.

ok, you have me - manlyman doesn't work in an office, & i wasn't out of bed at the crack of dawn today to take a nap, let alone a photo. we have had some wild rain this week though. if we get another storm tonight, our backyard will surely flood - in which case i shall have to sneak next door, & steal borrow rubelin's canoe.
the knitting is coming along nicely. i don't think i'd be doing so well if it weren't for soap. she's been ever so helpful, (patient) & has been quick to offer advice (when she spies me making a mess of things.) thehobbit loves that i'm knitting a blanket for his owl cage, but when i showed him the almost-finished blanket, he informed me it needed to be bigger. "pig needs to wrap up in his blanket." pig is quite the picky owl.
if i have not yet explained: pig is a stuffed animal. in our home stuffed animals are very real. he believes that when we are asleep, or away from home, they all come to life. i believed that too when i was little (i may still believe it at times, but i'm not admitting anything.) there was a book that i loved... i wish i could remember the title. it was a family of dolls in a dollhouse. they came to life at night. there was a cherry bomb somewhere in the story as well. if you know this book, please tell me its name.
not much else is going on in creative-land. i added a lake, & stepping stones to thehobbit's forest play set. all that is left is a fish, & a bush (his requests.) the patchwork quilt is still in want to mode, as are the curtains. oh, i did get a few gnomies made on tuesday night. that's it though. i had intended on getting to the next stage of the bizzie once christmas was over, but i think i'll let it wait until after thehobbit's birthday.
the party's theme changed by the way. i allow one change per year, (did i already babble about this?) then all is set in stone. it's still a tea, but now it's winter faery tea. as there are only two weeks until the party, i have to say i'm finally glad he refused to have an actual party with all his friends. a tea for 4 kids i can do last-minute. easy peasy. i think.
mmmmm time to go. a certain manlyman just sat down next to me. he's too cute to ignore.


Kelley said...

This might not help but here is a list of some books about dollhouses


could be when the dolls woke or midnight in the dollshouse

there is also "the dolls house" and "the doll people"

hope you find it

kat said...

thank you! :-)

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