19 January 2008

one long week

wow. that's it really... wow. manlyman is due home tonight, & not a moment too soon. i adore my little hobbity boy, but wow. he's a really easy kid, so i don't feel overwhelmed having no second parent all week. what's driving me to drink is how much he misses his daddyo. it's been like living with a wee manic-depressive. one moment he's having a grand time, & the next he's seriously pissy or sad. just boom! wild.

hahahaha! the lunatic in question just walked through the room wearing jams, non-matching socks, winter coat with the hood up, harry potter glasses, & using a baton as a cane. he was mumbling something in an aussie accent that i didn't catch. at least this aspect of his personality is still intact.

the potions corner of thehobbit's nook:

last night i finally mastered the first knitting stitch! i wish you could have seen me... sitting alone, watching my brit-coms, & grinning like a loon. each time i completed another row, i stopped to admire my work. i only have 7 whatchamacallits per row, so i haven't a clue what i shall do with it. if i don't frame it; which is entirely possible; it will most likely end up a scarf for one of thehobbit's many dolls/animals.

speaking of knitting... yesterday at hogwarts, the kids made knitting needles. that morning thehobbit announced that he did not want to make needles, because he had no intention of learning to knit. after a few hours knitting imaginary things with minipaper, he announced he wanted to knit, so i should let him know when auntiesoap's class was to be. funny kid. btw, when i say announce, i really do mean just that. he'll walk into the room, say his bit, then walk out again.

another glimpse into the world of hobbit fashion:

have i shown that pic already? most likely. i'm afraid my swisscheese brain is in full cheese-mode these days.

time for me to get cleaning. it's amazing how messy a house can get when one person is away on holiday, & the other two aren't picking up after themselves. i should like to ignore the mess, & spend the day outside instead, but i keep tripping over things, & have run out of clean bowls. by bowls i mean all dishes. it's not pretty.

have a happy saturday!


Kelley said...

Can't even tell you how lovely it is to see a pic. Additionally, how awesome to know my 5 year old boyo wears a nearly identical uniform- top hat, vest, tie etc. That is when he isn't wearing clown suits, magicians cape with the suit ensemble, knights costume etc.

kat said...

fancy you should say that... thehobbit bought a red necktie, & a black bowtie recently, declared they weren't the right ones, so they now sit in a box waiting to be shipped to your boyo!

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