10 January 2008

marrrrrrrrr-ion. madam librarrrrrr-ion.

oh reader... tuesday was just glorious! the shorties made soapballs (plops really,) then ran off to play. we mamas got our hogwarts calender set for the next few months, & poked through some fun books. for those confused by my talk of lessons & calendars... yes we do unschool, but hogwarts, & field trips take mama-planning.

then!!!! yes then! before i knew it, it was time for book club! ahhhh the food, the conversation, the laughter... better than medicine. if you would like to read along with us, here is our list for the year ahead: (the month written is the month we meet for that book's discussion; so you should start reading feb's books now.)

february and this
august (& september) (& woooohooooo!)

yes, more than a few lighter reads. i think last year's heavy book list, (& the busy holidays) left all of us longing for more fun books to look forward to. still... it's not all fluff. did you happen to see the aug/sept book?! did you!?

my! is that really the time?! i have to run... if i'm to get any books, i really need to go pay my huge library fine.


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