27 January 2008

i fell in love with this shaker pantry cupboard. the photo doesn't do it justice, i really wish you could have seen it in person. at just under $300 it's a steal!

or would be if it were a tad larger than 3 inches tall. the artisan who created this piece was very nice, & didn't even flinch when thehobbit accidentally knocked over a wee chair. he seemed thrilled that a little boy was interested in his work (& impressed that we brought our own magnifying glasses.) you really must poke about his website!

we also saw tiffany lamps that lit, a house that cost more than all my vehicles combined, & table after table of the teeniest of teenies! my favorites were the kitchen items. white enamel pots with black trim! just like the ones i search thrift shops for! only teeeeeeny, & less affordable.

i just asked thehobbit what his favorite was, & he said "i didn't have a favorite, i liked everything." awwwww. i do so love my boy. hahaha! he followed with "mama! don't write what i say on your blog!" heehee.

i'm working on a new project for sale, but i can't show you yet as i've a bug to work out. oooh i'm such a tease!

have a great sunday, oh solo reader of mine! & drop me a line... i love hearing from you.
in case you wondered; when viewing minis, one must think big. balance through buttons ;-) be careful though, or you'll find a dear friend hugging you, merely to try to steal said buttons.

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