11 January 2008

look what the owl brought!

manlyman must have ordered this from diagon alley, because i found it sitting on the porch, directly beneath thehobbit's owl post box! that explains why it took so long to arrive.
oh it really is the prettiest camera, & it's mine! i was shocked at the amazing photos it takes. i knew my old camera was the most basic (in which "basic" means "crap") of models, but i had no idea!

for ages i've wanted to make a patchwork quilt. i can see it in my head: all big squares of the same size, thin, & looking like it's been in the family for generations. i want it to be mostly cream, & taupe, with some sage green, & barn red here & there... but faded, not bright. the thing is; i'm rubbish at starting something i've never done before. i know i could make a quilt, i just... well i just can't get myself to try. same with curtains. we've lived here almost 3 years, & still have no proper curtains. we clip fabric up on most windows, & use the blinds that were already here on others. pathetic really. i digress... i'm determined to make the quilt this winter. i've seen new quilts all over blogland of late, & it's inspired me to finally make one of my own.

i need your help... have you any advice for me? tips? things i should know about making a quilt? i do know how to patchwork at least. beyond that i shall be guessing, & making it up as i go.

chickpea no-tuna salad
*1 can chickpeas, rinsed
*mayo to taste
*salt & pepper to taste
*1tsp kelp flakes
*1-2tbs lemon juice
*1/2tsp parsley
*1/2 a zucchini, shredded
*whatever you like(d) in tuna salad (onion, celery, etc.)
1) put chickpeas into a medium-sized bowl, & mash.
2) add the rest, & mix.
3) taste, & add more of whatever you feel is lacking.
4) spread on your favorite bread, with whatever else you like! (i like my bread lightly toasted, & i add a few dashes of tobasco, & some lettuce. mmm)
***manlyman says to use 'miracle whip' in lieu of the mayo. (gag)***
he is also playing with my pretty new camera, which i must put a stop to! goodnight!
ps... sweet valentines!

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