05 January 2008


i did not succumb to the urge to craft yesterday! you were sure i would; but you were mistaken. have you so little faith in me?! i think i am a bit insulted by that.
list? what list? oh that list... well no. no, i didn't get everything to-done. but! let's focus instead on the fact that i did not craft, as you; oh faithless one; believed i would. moving on...

i went out for a fancy, mamas' dinner last night! wonderful conversation, & delicious food, followed by more conversation (fire-side) at a coffee house. i don't know what i'd do without my regular mamas-only outings... nor without my mamas. that time to connect, to laugh, to talk, to just be; it's so necessary. i honestly don't know how i managed for so long without these weekly outings.

no more time for babbling; today is hogwarts! the holiday break had sounded like a good idea; back in september; but thehobbit has been miserable without his saturday classes. the moment he popped from bed this morn, he was in his uniform! not the usual, andy griffith uniform of late... hogwarts is black slacks, white dress shirt, & sweater vest with gryffindor stripes. let us not confuse the various uniforms! if he hears we did, the next thing you know, he'd be dressed in the other uniform, & writing us tickets.

have a beautiful day!

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