16 January 2008

how much sleep does one really need?

i feel like a guinea pig in a sleep-deprivation study. manlyman left yesterday for his annual artist retreat (read: bob hope golf classic.) neither thehobbit nor i was able to sleep much without him here. the poor little hobbit was so miserable, that when he did fall asleep, it was with his face & pillow covered in tears. just about broke my heart. yes reader, we are mushy for our manlyman.
every time i would get to sleep, thehobbit would wake, & need something. then; to enhance the study; he got up before the dawn.

to avoid the week painfully dragging, i've packed our schedule with all the activities i could find. if we don't get any sleep tonight though, it may be more painful than i'd anticipated. a nap perhaps? is it wrong to desperately crave a nap early in the morning?

a glimpse into the world of hobbity fashion:

here we have the famous leopard hat, & the too-small uniform shirt. fancy, no?

before manlyman left on his holiday, he tackled the larger issues on the farm. most of the weeds are gone, the ground around the raised beds is free of growth, & that bleeping ivy is no longer creeping out into the lawn. he only has the back fourth of the yard left to tend!
i don't think i mentioned that the growth around the beds was up to my knees. you can imagine that made tending the plants a little difficult. after he got that under control, i was able to weed the beds, & even pull some delicious carrots for our salad! mmm. later this week i hope to get some things transplanted, & start more seeds.

enough babbling for today. we have a few things to take care of at home, then we're off for errands, & a new adventure.... a japanese dollar store! we recently learned that our beloved dollar store in little tokyo is no longer there. i hope this one is at least as fabulous! i'll let you know.
have a lovely day, & if you're able to nap, sleep a little for me please.

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