21 January 2008

not what we had planned

instead of rushing home to snuggle with his (stunningly beautiful, brilliant, & perfect in every way) wife, manlyman did the following saturday eve:
got a flat tire, found his spare also had a flat, learned that costco (the only place nearby with tires) didn't accept the credit cards we use, got to the bank too late, waited nearly an hour for aaa to rescue him, arrived at the auto shop after they'd closed, took a (very pricey) cab back to the place he had been staying, & slept another night far, far away.

finally arriving home yesterday, he was greeted by a sick (yet stunningly beautiful, brilliant, & perfect in every way) wife. the stomach pestilence has hit the belfry. fortunately it only hit me, & very fortunately there has been no vomiting.

i have been on the couch for most of the last few days, yet not in the way i'd planned. wink, wink, nudge, nudge. still... i'm so happy to have my manlyman back home. thehobbit & i don't function well with him away.

i did get more knitting done! the couch is very good for that sort of thing. friday's success has been put aside for framing, & i am currently knitting a teeny blanket for thehobbit's owl cage. i think i'm nearing ready to learn a second stitch. perhaps.

back to the couch for me. i hope you are feeling better than i.

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