30 January 2008

beauty in the beast

the other day we were driving through the city, when we came across a field of wildflowers! i didn't have my camera, but thehobbit had his, so i was able to take a few photos. i wish i'd had mine, with super zoom action... sigh. click the pics to blow them up. maybe then you can see the mass of gorgeous blooms!

i most often get stressed driving through cities. the smells, sounds, sights, & the traffic. it's all too much for me. seeing this field made me so happy! usually it's dirt & weeds. i suppose the heavy rains are to thank for the beauty.

leave it to mother nature!

i began my scarf last night. soap loaned me her freakybig knitting needles, so the scarf will be more loose. it was difficult to get the hang of, but quite fun once i found my groove. i should like a set of every size needle please santa. oh wait, that won't do! christmas is much too far away. my birthday is less than a month away, but i've already asked for things. drat! i like the feel of wooden needles. the others are too slippery for me. i suppose i could make more. i'll figure it out.

eeek! i just noticed the time. we have to leave for the museum (going to check out the pterasaurs, & discuss whether they were in fact dragons... heeheehee) in one hour, & i've not yet gotten one thing ready!


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