04 January 2008

of fuzzy, dimly lit acorns

my new camera is still on back-order, so i was unable to get a better photo of the felted, acorn necklace. i had to borrow my old camera, as we gave it to thehobbit for christmas. he named it opie, if you were wondering.

i really love how the necklace turned out, & plan on making more to sell. so far i've two orders! well one was from thehobbit, & the other from minisoap, but it's a start ;-)

once again i have a huge to-do list for the day, & once again i am aching to sew, or felt, or silently curse at my knitting needles. all things on my list require me to stay home, which is a good thing in that i find it too easy to skip an errand in favor of going to a thrift shop. although... we do need to go thrifting. thehobbit has requested more sweater vests, & other fancy attire. oh & i am running low on wool sweaters. plus i need to find damask curtains to make manlyman's piratey frock coat.... no! i must stay home, & get it all to-done! must, must, must! *sigh*

i cannot call friends for help keeping me grounded; because they would all ask if we would swing by to pick them up instead. wretches the lot of them! hmmm... an idea! i shall use you to keep me on the path. i'll post what i have to do today, & hope that shame of public failure will keep me focused. here is my list for today:

clean the kitchen & bathroom
get jan & feb meetings set, & onto our roots&shoots calendar
finish lesson for tomorrow's hogwarts class
create owl post, & sneak it into the owl post box
put bazillion loads of laundry away
choose ancient s. american culture for this month's history club
research for hsla's feb/mar issue

all of that, & i didn't list the usual daily things. wow i'm daunted by my own list. wish me luck my sweet, & only reader! (don't be too harsh on me tomorrow when i tell you of all the fun things i did instead.)


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