22 January 2008

back to life

manlyman went back to work today, & i'm well enough to venture away from home for a bit. even through the pestilence, i enjoyed our day & a half of together time. it was so lovely to shut out the rest of the world, & focus on we three for a bit.

now it's time to get back into the swing of things. blah & yay... blah because i really don't want to get dressed, & brave the wold just yet. yay because we are low on comfort food, & out of soycream for my coffee. well, not yay to the lack, but yay to repleneshing at the market!

as you know, we're reading little house in the big woods with the book-craft group. thehobbit is starting to really get into the story, so i thought i'd look for books to enhance the experience. here is what i found at the library last week:
acorn pancakes, dandelion salad, & 38 other wild recipes
children of the frontier
a little house traveler
i'm very picky with books of this sort. thehobbit & i get easily bored, so i look for things that are interesting, or unusual. these seemed the most fun, & so far we're enjoying them. the second is mostly photos from the time! thehobbit keeps picking it up to poke through.

i really love this book-craft gig. it allows us to revisit beloved stories, & to discover those we missed while reading harry potter books for the umpteenth time. the best part is that it keeps the reading bond alive. i don't understand why so many people stop reading to their kids when they hit their tweens. yes i know that they have long been reading on their own, but why should that mean that they shouldn't be read to as well? one doesn't negate the other. i could go on this rant for quite a while, but i shan't.

go to the library, & take a peek at the books i listed! if you get the first book, let me know which recipes you tried.

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