01 January 2008

happy new year!

our night was great fun! we dressed in our fancies, & had dinner at home. even manlyman got into the spirit, & i must say he looks dashing in a top hat & cravat. thehobbit goes to bed pretty early still, so we rang in the new year with rio de janiero. as the clock struck 12 (6) we went outside, & threw a zillion snaps at the pavement. then back inside for a family concert. we had thehobbit on cigar box/drum & guitar, manlyman on other guitar & wooden pizza cutter/clacker, & yours truly on plastic microphone. we really should go on tour ;-)

today was quiet in our belfry. manlyman had to work, so thehobbit & i watched the parade, played in the backyard for a bit, then built a fort in the bigroom. a damask fort at that!

i felt a strong urge to create today. after i cursed silently at my knitting needles, i felted myself an acorn necklace! i think it is utterly sweet, & of course have yet to take a photo of it. i will though, i will! next i braved my new rotary cutter. that didn't go as pleasantly. don't get me wrong; it cut like a dream. it's just that... well let us say that i'm thankful for manlyman & bandages, & leave off there, shall we?

that's it really. nothing wild, nothing profound. another year gone, & tomorrow our lives return to normal.

i hope you were able to spend your day in a way that made you smile. ~peace.

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