14 January 2008


every so often, the world of technology realizes i don't really belong, & tries to chuck me out. some think i'm at home in this world; with my yahoo groups, website work, & now the blog; but it's not as comfortable a fit for me as it appears. i do so want to be here though, so i shan't give up.

as i said; technology is trying to shove me back to my unplugged world! something is up with the swanky laptop, my cell keeps running out of juice quickly, the rabbit ears for our television keep breaking, & elvie (slower than dirt pc) is now behaving as if she were attempting to swim through mud. there's more, but i shall spare you as i really only needed a little venting. all gloom aside...

you have you see what my sweet oddsox is up to! her new blog is lovely, & her felting!!! take a look, & please leave her a comment.

i managed a bit of work in the back this weekend. oh reader! the farm is in such a sad state. only a few things growing in each bed, dead plants here & there, & the weeds! the spring seed catalog arrived, so i'm looking to it for the nudge i need. there's much work to be done if we're to add new raised beds for spring planting. i have dreams of a salad bed, an herb bed, & one just for thehobbit to grow whatever pleases him. i also want to move the kids' butterfly garden closer to the house, & get the arbor built over the digging spot. & on & on... ad infinitum.

that's it really. i haven't anything to show, no sewing/crafting/etcetera-ing to write about. i was merely going a bit mad without computer access, so was giddy at the chance to pop on to say hello. have a lovely day, & wish me luck with my techno-woes please.

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