26 October 2007

i braved the iron!!!!!!

manlyman used it & couldn't get it to zap him. apparently it only shocks me when he isn't around to keep me safe. my plan is to only use the iron when he's home, then to get an iron of my very own as soon as possible. one that is loyal to me, and not trying to electrocute me, so it can have manlyman all to itself.
i did manage to get quite a bit of work done this evening. yay! here is a (too-dark photo of a)batch of drink slings; 3 short, 3 long.

thehobbit wanted one, so here's his (with his klean kanteen poking out of the top,) & one for me!

and some yummy patchwork. this is going to be painful to cut for totes. just a few dozen more & i could have a new duvet.

no more work today, this kat needs to play. time for some brit-coms on pbs.

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